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Please browse through our frequently asked questions about our elastic shoelaces to find answers to many of your questions relating to our website.
How do I know what style and length to get for my shoes?
XLaces by XTENEX® are made in the following styles also referred to as series. Please use our guide to assist in choosing a style and length
Can I wash my laces and put them into a new pair of shoes?
Yes. Simply place the XLaces into a wash bag designed for washing delicate items and wash the laces along with similar colored laundry. Lay the laces out to dry.
Can we sell Xtenex laces as part of a fund raising event?
Yes. XLaces by XTENEX® make a perfect product for a fundraiser.
What makes Xtenex a superior lacing system?
XLaces by XTENEX® elastic shoelaces have a unique patented collapsible knot technology.
How do I lace my shoes?
The key to lacing a shoe with XLaces by XTENEX® elastic shoelaces is to pull the lace from each side of the eyelet so that the knot disappears