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Replace the Lace.

XTENEX Corporation | 860 Swandyke Dr., Castle Rock, CO 80108 | (888) 498-3639
XTENEX® The FITTING Solution™.

In the winter of 1998 a father, struggling to untie his son’s soaked snow boots, sighed, “There’s got to be a better way.” Being a manufacturing consultant, he began to develop a new way to secure shoes, a NEW shoelace. The following year he developed “Knoty Boy” elastic shoelaces.

After patenting the new design worldwide, years of testing by trial and error, marketing development, and success with professional athletes using the new self-knotting elastic shoelaces, XTENEX®, was born.

XTENEX® (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus)

This worldwide patented technology produces a sustainable customized tension fit between shoe eyelets. Patented XTENEX® technology sets incrementally spaced knots along a strong rubber core. When stretched the knots reduce for adjustment at an eyelet, then systematically reemerge to lock-in an ergonomic fit. The strong rubber core keeps the knots emerged, this allows the footwear to be securely fastened while converting lace-up footwear into convenient slip-ons. This effective lacing system is perfect for runners, walkers, handicapped persons, children of all ages, athletes... anyone whose wants comfort, support and a customizable fit.

XTENEX® brand, XLaces, are now available around the world and are available at sporting goods specialty retailers and on the internet. With the success in the running and triathlon world, the company is now developing uses in other market areas. The ability to secure a custom fit with these elastic shoelaces and providing the only ergonomic comfort zone around the foot makes these shoelaces a versatile alternative to securing footwear in a variety of markets. The natural rubber core allows the foot to naturally swell through the day or activity and not constrict blood flow. This is perfect for marathon runners and relieves foot fatigue for the average user.

XTENEX® Corporations goal is to provide the utmost in quality and value to our customers and deliver world-class customer service. We shall continue to develop our patented technology to expand its potential uses in ways that will improve the quality of life for our customers, vendors, distributors and manufacturers.

XTENEX® believes in being responsible to the earth and our resources;

in treating all people with respect, honesty, and equality;

in bringing innovation and inspiration to everyone…

The FITTING Solution!