Xh 200

Xh200 is the mid-performance lacing solution Fits 2.5 - 3.0mm eyelets. Tapered knots can be easily adjusted by pulling lace from one side of eyelet.
X 200

X200 performance lacing solution fits 2.5 - 3.0mm eyelets with a more secure fit. Perfect for traditional golf shoes, X-trainers and sport shoes.
X 300

X 300 Series high performance lacing solution fits 3.0 -4.0mm eyelets. The flared knot design provides an aggressive and secure setting.

WELCOME to XTENEX® the worlds most effective elastic shoelaces. With their patented ergonomic design, XTENEX® shoelaces are the most comfortable, most secure, most adjustable performance shoelace on the market.

XTENEX® Xh Laces - make comfort and fit easy and affordable.

The Xh200 is the mid-performance lacing solution. Depending on the diameter of the eyelets this lace may need to be tied however it is not necessary to untie to take shoes on and off. The tapered knots maintain the desired comfort level. The knots can be easily adjusted by slightly pulling the lace from one side of the eyelet.

This tapered knot lace comes in 3 length option and in 10 colors.

A friend gave me a pair of these laces. I tried them and immediately loved them. I used the laces all year including the Olympics!!! Simply the best product. I'm not sure I want my competition to know such a simple thing can make such a big difference...
Simon Whitfield - 2008 Olympic
Triathlon Silver Medalist

I ordered these laces for my 16 year old son with disabilities. He can't tie shoes because of a lack of dexterity in his hands due to a stroke he suffered as a baby. He wants to wear all the "cool" athletic shoes like all the other kids his age but he wasn't able too because of not being able to tie them. I ordered the laces and my son was able to wear the athletic shoes he wanted to for the first time in a very long time...
Debbie Jackson
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